Top 10 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Security

Posted February 15, 2022 by Koorsen Fire & Security

Top 10 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Business Security

Safeguarding your business against burglary can be an investment that pays dividends exponentially more than the cost of installing a security system. To help you learn more about preventing loss to your business from theft or break-in, here are the top 10 things that every owner should know about business security systems.

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#1: Consider Your Location

Where your business is located can make a large difference in terms of your risk for break-in attempts. If your storefront is in an area that has medium to high property crime rates, you likely can't afford to put off an investment in a high-quality security system.

#2: Count the Cost

Technology has pushed the envelope, making more features available and lowering both the cost of components and communication with the monitoring center. This means that the price to install and operate a security system is more affordable than ever before. If you consider what just one burglary would cost your business, the expense of a security system is likely not even comparable.

#3: Look at Your Deterrents

Making your business difficult to penetrate quickly lessens the likelihood that you will become the target of a burglary. Thieves don't want to be detected, so if it takes too long to break into your property, they will likely move on to an easier mark. Common deterrents include heavy-duty locks and doors, bars on the windows, glass in the doors, motion lights, and an easy line of sight to a roadway or other buildings which are occupied at night. If your business does not have any of these features, your need for a security system is even more urgent. One of the best deterrents is evidence of a security system, such as a yard sign or window decals.

#4: Examine Your Structure

An office in a high-rise building with its own security system is likely not very vulnerable. However, if you have a great deal of valuable equipment, information, or materials present, investing in a security system would still be a wise choice.

If your business is located at street level and sits in its own building instead, then it is a much more vulnerable target. In this instance, taking steps to protect your valuable property is highly recommended.

#5: Monitor Employee Behavior

Theft from within can be as large of a concern as a break-in from without. Placing security cameras inside your business wherever money changes hands or is stored can reduce losses due to employee theft.

#6: Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies will often give you a discount if you have a quality security system installed because they understand the value these systems provide. The chances that they'll have to pay out due to burglary are reduced, and they often reward you for lowering their risk with more affordable premiums.

#7: Advertise Your Security

As already mentioned, thieves are typically looking for easy targets, which don't present a high risk of detection. While you likely are used to advertising your business to customers, you should also advertise your security system to potential burglars. You can do this by placing stickers in the windows, alerting everyone that your premises are protected by a high-quality system. This alone will often be enough to dissuade burglary attempts, and it will help you sleep better at night.

#8: Limit Access

Monitoring your employees is a good start, but if you have money, valuables, or sensitive information on-site, then limiting access to these is also encouraged. Security systems enable you to control access and set limitations on your employees' ability to enter sensitive areas.

#9: Remote Monitoring

Being able to monitor your business remotely can alleviate the uneasiness that you likely feel whenever you're away from your business. You're probably invested in all aspects of your business, and may even think of it as your child. Keeping it safe is of the highest importance, and a security system provides you with a way to check in from anywhere with internet access.

#10: Instant Alerts

Security systems can not only safeguard your valuable property from theft or break-in, but they can also monitor for other potential risks. These include fire or flooding, both of which can cripple a business in a matter of minutes or hours. Your system can be set up to instantly alert you and the monitoring center, so you're aware that a problem is occurring at your property. In fact, the monitoring center will automatically alert the authorities in the event of an emergency, dispatching crews right to the scene. This quick reaction can save your business thousands in property damage in the event of a fire.

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