Who Are the Best Commercial Alarm Companies Near Me?

Posted January 10, 2019 by Koorsen Fire & Security

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Are you looking to find a commercial security company to install or upgrade a security system for your business? Koorsen Fire & Security has been providing businesses of all sizes security systems for over 70 years. Over that time, we have learned from our customers what they initially looked for in a commercial security company and why they ultimately chose us. Below, we will go over the top 5 things to look for and consider when choosing the best security company for your business’s needs.

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When you start your search process for a commercial alarm company, you want to make sure you are looking for security companies that are well established. The number of years a company has been in business is usually a good sign that they have been successful over the years and have a solid customer base. But you shouldn’t just stop at how many years they’ve been in business.

Once you have a list of established security companies, ask around for referrals. Opinions from current and past customers can help you to narrow your list of possible choices. Make sure to ask referrals why they chose the company, if they looked at other companies, and if they would choose that company again now that they have worked with them. Establishing expertise is imperative when it comes to securing your business assets and protecting your employees.

For example, Koorsen Fire & Security has been in business since 1947. We pride ourselves on being the experts in security, thanks to the unparalleled training provided to each technician.

Customer Service

A commercial alarm company should make customer service a top priority. The key to providing great customer service is easy, customers want to feel important. As a customer, you want to feel that your needs are heard and a solution is being found. When a business security system is needed, the solution is more than just installing a security system. You need a company that understands your needs, such as what type of system is best for your building, business or budget and also partners with you to ensure your business and its associates stay safe. Then, after the decision is made and the business security system is installed, you need a company that continues to make you a priority every day. Overall, you need to feel certain you can trust them with protecting your assets.


If you are looking for a business security system, you have important assets that need to be protected. If a company doesn’t communicate well or isn’t helpful during the sales process, it’s unlikely anything will change once you’ve signed a contract. Ensuring they have adequate office staff, sales staff, and technicians to respond to your phone calls, emails, and service calls is an important part in deciding which vendor to use.

When it comes to business security systems, responsiveness is important from all areas — including installation, service, and monitoring. Ideally, you want a provider who can install, service, and monitor the account for you versus a company that outsources one or more of these components. Monitoring is what confirms everything is working correctly and will alert the authorities if necessary. This is why having a commercial alarm company that is responsive is so important. You need to be sure that the proper steps are being taken to secure your assets. If you partner with a fire and life safety company, like Koorsen, that can conveniently service both your fire alarm and security system, this can further benefit your business by saving time and money.


As you’re narrowing down your list of prospective security companies, check to see if they have a local presence. A local company will be familiar with the area and maybe even your business, which can help improve time for service calls. If the company has a local presence, chances are they can get you scheduled sooner than a company that isn’t local to the area and has fewer representatives covering a larger geographical area.

Koorsen Fire & Security has 23 physical locations covering 5 states (Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee) throughout the Midwest and South. We believe it is important to have a face in our local communities. We want to provide the best service and expertise to all of our current and future customers, and being conveniently located is imperative to that goal.


Price can be a touchy subject for a lot of people. When you’re looking for a commercial alarm company to help protect your business, be careful about making price a top priority. Although one quote may be less than the others, that doesn’t necessarily mean that vendor is providing the same quality or even the same products. In order to protect your assets, you want to pay for quality equipment, excellent customer service, and quick responsiveness for service needs. Respect your budget, but make sure to research different companies and choose the company that best fits your overall company needs, not just the cheapest option.

Why Choose Koorsen for Your Commercial Security System

Koorsen Fire & Security is a family owned and operated fire and life safety company with over 70 years’ experience in the security industry. We provide extensive training to all employees to ensure we are providing our customers with the expertise they can trust. The unique structure of Koorsen allows us to cover a large geographical area while still having a local presence that is convenient for our customers and results in great service, responsiveness and pricing.

If you are a business looking to purchase a new business security system or upgrade your current security system, contact Koorsen Fire & Security today to get started. Our expert commercial security professionals will work with you to ensure you and your business are protected with a business security system that is customized to fit your exact needs. Contact Koorsen Fire & Security today for a free consultation and quote.


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