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Posted February 11, 2022 by Koorsen Fire & Security

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Parents expect that when their kids attend your school, security measures are in place to keep them safe. Having the right security systems working can be the difference between defusing a situation before it starts and that same situation getting out of control. Active monitoring can also help with COVID-19 safety.

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Having security cameras in place is a great start, but not enough. Remote/central monitoring is essential and means that the system is being monitored 24/7. Cameras paired with alarm systems can ensure that the authorities are alerted in the event of situations such as active shooters or serious fights.


Cameras need to be set up to record video for later playback, regardless of whether you choose digital IP cameras that connect to a network or analog cameras hooked up to DVRs.


There needs to be a system in place for ensuring that footage is archived to make sure it’s not lost when space is made for new recordings. Furthermore, those backup recordings need to be stored in multiple places to avoid possible loss in a disaster.

Proactive Response

The goal is crime prevention, not crime reaction. This approach is where Situational Awareness Security Control (SASC) is invaluable. It uses artificial intelligence in monitoring a school's security system to identify a threat before it happens.


Once the SASC system sees what it thinks is a possible situation, it alerts the appropriate people with individual instructions on how to respond.


SASC is powered by the cloud and requires collaboration between IT professionals and law enforcement to set up. It’s become highly popular in schools, hospitals, and universities. In other words, places with vulnerable people who need guaranteed levels of protection and response.

Access Control

There was a time when anyone could just walk into a school and wander around, but those days are gone. These days, access control is a necessity. Visitors should be required to go through a check-in process which includes verifying ID and getting a nametag. They should not go anywhere in the school unaccompanied.


Also, there needs to be restricted areas that are protected by more than the honor system. Keycards and individual authentication need to be in place to prevent unauthorized access. Depending on your location, metal detectors may be a necessary addition, as well.

Security Officers

Some schools even rely on security officers for added security. While school resources officers often fill this role, they also act as law-related counselors and educators.


Specific security officers have one role, and that’s the safety of students and staff. They perform this function by reporting suspicious activity, enforcing safety protocols, and even putting themselves in harm’s way to keep others safe.

Securing Your School with Koorsen Fire & Security

Every school needs protection against potential disasters or active threats. When you need camera systems, alarms, and access control technology installed in your school, turn to Koorsen Fire & Security.


We’ll analyze your school’s specific needs to determine which systems are needed to protect students and staff. Call Koorsen Fire & Security today!

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For over 75 years, schools of all sizes have trusted Koorsen Fire & Security to protect and secure them with complete fire protection and security solutions. Koorsen has extensive knowledge in fire protection, emergency communication, access control, video surveillance, and intrusions detection to only protect the school facilities but the staff and students also.  Whether your an elementary school in Evansville, a university campus in Louisville, or a high school in Cleveland, contact Koorsen for complete fire protection, life safety, and security from one source. 

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