Kasey Program and Brooks Equipment Donate Smoke Detectors

Posted February 02, 2018 by Koorsen Fire & Security

Koorsen’s Kasey Program & Brooks Equipment Donate Smoke Detectors to Vermont Community


We usually share stories throughout the year of our branches giving back to their communities with the hashtag #KoorsenCares. This story definitely fits the bill as a #KoorsenCares story but it also involves our most popular and famous community outreach program – the Kasey Program.

25 Years of Teaching Fire SafetyKoorsen Fire & Security Celebrates 25 Years of the Kasey Program

From its humble beginnings in 1994, the Kasey Program featuring Kasey (a Labrador retriever) and firefighter Jeff Owens has taught fire and life safety skills to over 2 million kids across the country. Through music and performance, children learn important lifesaving skills like stop, drop & roll, checking the door to see if it’s hot, and knowing two ways out. In a given year, the Kasey Program performs more than 400 shows in schools, churches, libraries, and community events. It is the only full-time, national touring, fire prevention program in the country. Through a generous sponsorship from Koorsen Fire & Security, the Kasey Program is also provided free of charge. As a non-profit, donations are always welcomed.

Giving Back Even More in Danby, Vermont

During a recent road tour in Vermont, the Kasey Program had the privilege to perform at two elementary schools in the Danby, Vermont area. During the programs where the kids learned lifesaving fire safety skills, Jeff Owens learned that many of the children and their families did not have working smoke detectors in their homes. Due to the fact that the area was protected by very small volunteer fire departments, there were not enough resources in the area to provide smoke detectors to these families.

Later during the road tour in Vermont, Jeff played and sang at a local church. The church gave the Kasey Program $250 as a love offering for the performance and it was obvious to Jeff where this money should go. Jeff told the church that the Kasey Program wanted to use the money to purchase smoke detectors for the families in the area that are in need.

Brooks Equipment Helps Out

As Jeff shared this story with others at Koorsen Fire & Security, it was recommended that we reach out to one of Koorsen’s great vendors, Brooks Equipment. Brooks Equipment was contacted and after hearing the story, they happily donated over 200 smoke detectors to the Danby area. All of the smoke detectors, including the ones bought with the $250, were made available to the area fire department to give to families in need. Not only will the kids know what to do in the event of a fire thanks to the Kasey Program, but they’ll be able to act quickly thanks to the donated smoke detectors from Brooks Equipment and the Kasey Program.

Teach Your Kids Fire Safety

Do your kids know where to meet outside in the event of a house fire? Do they know what to do if they encounter smoke? As a parent, it’s important to teach your kids important fire and life safety skills. For fire safety lessons that they’ll never forget, you can request the help of the Kasey Program. If you would like the Kasey Program to come to your kid’s school or local church or community event, you can contact the program below or check the calendar to see when the Kasey Program is coming to a place near you. We also encourage you to keep up with Kasey by following Kasey on Facebook.

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