Thanksgiving in Washington, D.C.

Posted December 13, 2019 by Kasey

Kasey DCWhat a great visit we had to the Washington, D.C. area.  I got to see the Washington Monument, and it turns out my human was right. The monument is very big and even though it looks like a stick, there was no way he could throw it! I settled for having my picture taken with it. 

At Joint Base Andrews, I got to meet some great kids at Imagine Andrews, the charter school on the base.  Not only did I get to teach kids valuable lessons about fire safety, I learned a few things too. 

One thing I learned was that when Air Force One takes off or lands on the base all traffic stops.  

The second thing I learned was about scrambled eggs. My human told me that you could tell when an officer was high ranking because he or she would have ‘scrambled eggs’ on their uniform. I was pretty excited to meet a Lt. Colonel because I love scrambled eggs. Imagine my disappointment when he didn’t smell like eggs at all!  I have a very sensitive nose. For example, I can smell things over two football fields away.  No scrambled eggs anywhere near this guy. Turns out the slang term “scrambled eggs” is the nickname for the golden oak leaf embellishments on the dress hats of officers above the rank of major. 

Based on the disappointing experience with the scrambled eggs, I was a bit worried when the Lt. Colonel invited us to his house for Thanksgiving.  Boy, was I relieved to smell the turkey roasting when we arrived and BONUS!!! This guy had twin toddlers!  A Labrador’s dream come true- kids who feed themselves! A strategic position under the highchair is a sure way to a feast and I was not disappointed.

As we head home after two weeks away, I am looking forward to a romp in my yard, a few thrown sticks and balls, and sniffing around for rabbits and cats.

I hope your Thanksgiving was good, and you also got a few crumbs!

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