Safety First During Kasey Shows

Posted February 17, 2021 by Kasey

Kasey Dogs and Van

A new year with the same message of safety, plus some extras. My human has been busy scheduling Kasey shows, and nothing makes me happier. We hope you are planning to contact us soon so we can plan to come to see you.

Due to Covid-19, we have all had to take extra safety measures. I thought you might be interested in the things my human is doing to make sure he, and everyone he comes in contact with, is safe.

First of all, he wears a mask anytime he is in public. I know many of you are wearing masks in your schools, and we are always happy to see this. He will ask the school or venue if they are comfortable with him removing the mask to do the show and replacing it after he is done. He is very adaptable.

Secondly, he is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. He is also fully vaccinated against other things. As a dog, I have to get shots, too. Getting shots is just part of life. I usually get a treat after my shot. My human has complained that he didn’t get a sucker or a sticker after his shots. I wasn’t there, so maybe he cried, and that’s why he didn’t get a treat.

Third, until he was fully vaccinated, he would drive every week to a place where a masked lady would stick a long stick up his nose. He called this testing. I thought it was a test to see if he would bite the stick and run away with it, but he never did. The lady would give me a dog treat; even though grabbing that stick looked like a lot of fun, I enjoyed my snack.   If your school would like my human to be tested before he comes to see you, he will be glad to do that, and I would be glad to have another treat!

Fire safety is important even in a pandemic. We would love to teach you how to be safe around fire and what to do if you are ever faced with a fire emergency. You can contact my human at to schedule and to ask any questions.

We hope to see you soon! Safely, of course.

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