Something Is Happening Here!

Posted March 05, 2020 by Kasey

Black Labrador Retriever laying down tiling head to the left Some changes are going on around here. This morning my human got out a bell and hung it on the back door. I immediately recalled when I was a puppy, and I came to live with my human that he hung that same bell on that same door. I was taught to ring that bell to signal I needed to go out to do my business. As I grew, I learned other ways to signal, and I learned a routine of when to go. For example, its frowned upon to have to go out in the middle of the night!

Last week when my favorite educator was here, she mentioned something about ‘getting a new pup.’  I thought maybe she said, “getting a pup cup.”  I really like the pup cups that Starbucks gives me when we go through the drive-through, so I got pretty excited!  I even dreamed about that delicious creaminess that night!

Another thing that happened this morning was a crate was put up in our room. Last time I was in a crate, I was three years old and had surgery on my knee and had to be crated to keep me still so I could heal. And before that, I was a puppy coming to live with my human.  As a puppy, I was in a crate at night until I learned that important lesson about when and where to do your business. 

I am thinking a puppy is on the way. What do you think?  

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