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Posted June 22, 2020 by Kasey

Koorsen Kasey Program Van

Summer is here, and school and e-learning are done! The arrival of summer means that my activity changes from going to schools to going to fairs, festivals, scouting events, and daycares.

Either way, I get to do what I love, teach kids fire safety!

The puppy, Karmel, is learning so much. She stays in the Kasey van while our human and I do the Kasey show, then she comes in for the petting part. She is very, very good at getting petted. She has a little more to learn to sit still while I work. Do you ever have trouble sitting still?

It has gotten very hot, and it is dangerous for a child or a pet to be in a hot car. Our Kasey van is climate controlled. That means that in the winter, it keeps us warm, and in the summer, it keeps us cool, even when we aren’t driving! So, it is safe for Karmel to stay in the van while I work.

Our van even has an alarm system that protects us if, for some reason, the van gets too hot. For instance, if the air conditioning breaks, the system will cause the windows to roll down, the horn beeps an alarm, and my human gets an alert so that he can come rescue us! This makes sure that we are safe in our van in hot weather. The alarm is called a hot dog alert system, by! Isn’t that cool!

Remember, that kids should never play in a car or be left in a car during hot weather, and neither should your pet.

I’ll be back soon with another message! Stay safe and stay cool!

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