Looking Back at 2019. Looking Forward to 2020.

Posted January 07, 2020 by Kasey

Happy New Years 2020

As the schools take a break for the holidays and the new year begins, I find I have a lot of time for naps in front of the fireplace and time to think about the past year.  

In 2019 my human drove us to 10 states in our very comfortable climate-controlled van where we did 410 programs. The van has a front passenger seat for times when I want to check out the scenery and a large kennel area where I can nap on big comfy pillows when I need a break.New Year January Blog A few chew toys, a water bowl and it is perfect!  

I sometimes feel guilty that my human has to do all the driving and I feel like I should learn to drive so he could get some shut-eye on long trips. I might add learning to drive to my New Year’s resolutions for 2020!  

In 2019 we taught 490,775 kids!  Boy, that’s a lot of children! After the program in each school, we give a Kasey Program sticker to every student. This means that while I rest after dinner, either at home or in our hotel room, my human is counting out stickers and packaging them for the schools for the next day.  I am learning to count by listening to him! I keep cadence by thumping my tail on the floor in time with the counting!  I think this really helps my human!  

Even though I can’t drive, you can see I find small ways to help out. I come when called, I eat all my food, I didn’t touch a single ball on the Christmas tree, and I sit still when told.  

No matter how big or small, furry or not, we all can find ways to help. I hope that in 2020 you can think of ways to help others too! I hope to see you at a Kasey Program soon!

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