Koorsen Fire & Security Launches ‘Trust the Experts’ Campaign

Posted June 26, 2014 by Koorsen Fire & Security

Koorsen Fire & Security launches 'Trust the Experts' Campaign

Koorsen Fire & Security is entering a phase of rapid expansion, bringing world-class services to four new markets already this year. The idea of rapid expansion is no new concept for Koorsen. In fact, the 67-year-old company has grown from the garage of current owner’s, Randy Koorsen’s, grandfather in 1946, to one of the largest and most respected life safety companies – spanning across various states in roughly 23 markets.

Although the company is well-seasoned in expansion, the idea of advertising is fairly new. So why start now? In an industry largely driven by code and regulations, Koorsen has found success through its sales efforts and referrals from its expansive customer base. But is that enough?

“As Koorsen expands into new markets and works to increase market share in existing locations, my job is to make sure potential customers know who we are and that we are a trustworthy option for their life safety needs. Advertising in those key markets allows us to get that message out and become established in those markets more quickly,” said Kelly Henderson, Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager.

With Koorsen’s long history, vast service offerings and intimate understanding of codes and regulations, the team of roughly 700 associates is an overflowing wealth of knowledge. Instead of coming up with some gimmicky campaign, Koorsen’s marketing team decided to simply share the information Koorsen has to help others better navigate their life safety needs. It is our hope that the dissemination of knowledge will help establish Koorsen as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source for fire protection and security.

With this in mind, the Koorsen marketing department created the “Trust the Experts” campaign, which launched at the beginning of June. The campaign introduces listeners to a few of Koorsen’s experts – a few sales associates, Bob and Dan; a technician, Joe; and a corporate trainer, Tom. Listeners will meet these individuals and learn why they are the best at what they do in a variety of radio commercials. Bob, Dan, Joe and Tom will also be making appearances on Koorsen’s social media platforms where they will provide all kinds of valuable information (such as code updates, maintenance requirements, helpful service reminders and new products) for current and prospective customers. Click here to meet the experts.

Koorsen Fire & Security can also be seen in a number of sports sponsorships such as the Cincinnati Reds, Columbus Crew and Cincinnati Bengals, and has a heavy focus on local community involvement. Check us out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more information.


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