Who Do the Tennessee Titans Turn to for Fire Protection at Nissan Stadium?

Posted October 17, 2017 by Koorsen Fire & Security

Titans Stadium

Nissan Stadium – Home of the Tennessee Titans

On any given Sunday during football season, you can easily hear the roar of the crowd from all the way across the Cumberland River near the famous Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee. That fanatical crowd of 70,000 people + can be found standing at the edge of their seats in Nissan Stadium cheering on their hometown team ­‑ the Tennessee Titans.

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Within the gates of Nissan Stadium you’ll find 7-stories full of concessions stands, restrooms, lockers, offices, commons and more. You’ll also find 8 elevators, 69,000 seats, and 177 suites. Nissan Stadium is a large facility requiring a huge undertaking by all facility staff, grounds crew, concessions personnel, and security teams. Overseeing all of these people and the stadium is Bob Flynn, Vice President of Facilities and Game Day Operations.



Hosting More than Just Football

While Nissan Stadium is known for being the home of the Tennessee Titans, there are actually more non-Titans events that happen at the stadium that Bob Flynn and his stadium crew manage throughout the year. These events and games include international soccer matches, massive concerts, monster truck jams, and college football games including the Music City Bowl game.

The biggest challenge for Bob Flynn and his team of 2,000 stadium personnel is staying on top of everything that is happening at the stadium at the moment and being prepared for the next event. Each of the 250 events held annually in the stadium presents their own unique challenges that the Nissan Stadium personnel must be prepared for.

In all, over 1.2 million people walk through the gates of Nissan Stadium every year attend one of the many events. To ensure the safety of all the visitors and personnel, Nissan Stadium turns to Koorsen Fire & Security for all their fire protection needs.

Protecting the Stadium Against Fire

For the past 10 years, Nissan Stadium has been working with Koorsen Fire & Security to test, maintain, manage and service the many fire protection systems and equipment throughout the stadium. Take a walk around the stadium and you’ll find fire extinguishers located throughout; fire sprinklers in the locker rooms, tunnels, and suites; hood suppression systems in the kitchens and concessions stands; a clean agent suppression system in the data and server room; and fire alarm sirens and pull stations located throughout the stadium. During large events, two Koorsen Fire & Security technicians are on-hand to monitor the fire protection systems and quickly address any issues that may arise with the fire protection systems and equipment.

“Koorsen Fire & Security are good partners of ours and I consider them part of my team.” – Bob Flynn, Vice President of Facilities and Game Day Operations

Protecting the Smallest of Shops and the Biggest of Stadiums

Koorsen Fire & Security takes great pride in servicing the fire protection systems and equipment at Nissan Stadium. Since 1946, Koorsen has been protecting life and property for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. From the small retail store in the town square to the tallest of skyscrapers to one of the only places in Nashville that is capable of holding 70,000+ people, Koorsen Fire & Security has treated every client as if they were family. To learn more about Koorsen’s commitment to providing complete fire protection and security solutions, contact them online or call them today.

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