What is the Most Secure Access Control Credentials?

Posted June 06, 2023 by Koorsen Fire & Security


Access control systems are an essential part of security for any organization. They are used to grant or deny access to specific areas of a building or facility based on the credentials of the person attempting to enter. However, with a wide variety of access control credentials available, it can be difficult to determine which one is the most secure. In this article, we will explore the various types of access control credentials and discuss which ones are considered the most secure.

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Proximity Card

The most common type of access control credential is the traditional proximity card. These cards are read by card readers and are typically programmed with a specific code or identification number. While these cards are still widely used, they have several security vulnerabilities. For example, they can be easily replicated or stolen, and the information stored on them can be easily copied or hacked.

Smart Card

A more secure option is the smart card. These cards have an integrated circuit that stores information and can be read by a smart card reader. They are more difficult to replicate and can include additional security features such as encryption and biometrics. Smart cards can also include a contactless option, allowing for faster access and reducing the risk of contamination.

Mobile Credentials

Another increasingly popular option is the use of mobile credentials. These credentials use a mobile device, such as a smartphone, as the access control card. These credentials are considered more secure as they can be easily revoked if lost or stolen, and they can also include additional security features such as biometric authentication.

Biometric Credentials

Biometric credentials are also gaining popularity as a secure option for access control. These credentials use unique physical characteristics of the person, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans, to grant access. Biometric credentials are considered highly secure as they are difficult to replicate or steal.

Choosing Your Access Control Credentials

In conclusion, while traditional magnetic stripe or proximity cards are still widely used, they have several security vulnerabilities. Smart cards, mobile credentials, and biometric credentials are considered more secure options for access control. Organizations should evaluate their specific needs and choose the credential type that best suits their security requirements and budget. With the right access control credentials in place, organizations can improve the security of their buildings and keep their people, assets, and information safe. If you need assistance in figuring out which access control system works best for your company or help to install an access control system, contact a Koorsen Fire & Security professional.

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