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Posted February 24, 2022 by Koorsen Fire & Security

Louisville Riverbats

The Koorsen branch in Louisville, KY has been providing excellent service to customers in the region for more than thirty years.

Building a solid team starts with management, and the Louisville branch attributes much of their team’s success to the smart, dedicated, and experienced management group that provides strong leadership to the team. However, as the old saying goes, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” The Louisville branch prides itself on having one of the best teams in the industry, as they have been consciously fostering new, young talent for the past decade. From management to the technicians, every individual continues to go above and beyond the expected to provide excellent service to customers, to the community, and to each other.

In terms of technicians, the Louisville branch has one of the youngest crews in the company – yet, the fifty-plus staff members at this location still boast over 300 years of combined experience. This unique blend of seasoned and younger associates makes this team versatile, enthusiastic, and highly efficient.


Koorsen sets itself apart from the competition with the rigorous training provided to every associate. This hands-on training is held at the nationally acclaimed Koorsen Training Center, and it allows associates to inspect, maintain, repair, and troubleshoot systems before ever stepping foot into a customer’s facility. Many of the Louisville technicians hold NICET certifications, and those who do not yet have it are working towards completing this rigorous training.

Overall, this commitment and experience are clearly seen in the professional demeanor and in-depth knowledge, which the staff displays when interacting with customers.

Community Involvement

AHJ Seminars

The Louisville branch has been proud to offer high-quality AHJ seminars over the years, designed to keep fire marshals, insurance agents, fire chiefs, and other authorities holding jurisdiction up-to-date with the latest NFPA codes and requirements. Trusted by the local authorities to provide them with training, this clearly shows the level of knowledge the staff at this branch possess. 

The Kasey Program

A unique fire and life safety program, the Kasey Program uses black Labrador retrievers to teach children about fire safety. With the natural connection that children share with canines, this creates a fun and memorable experience, which trains kids how to stay safe in emergency situations like a fire. 

Future Goals

The Louisville branch will be working hard to continue the expansion which they've enjoyed over the last few years. Their goal is to be the go-to company for fire protection and security in Louisville.

This branch is currently the fire protection service market leader for national chain restaurants and retailers in the Louisville area. One of the reasons for this prominence is their ability to provide in-house maintenance for sprinkler systems. Other competitors outsource this type of service, providing customers with a less consistent experience.

The Louisville branch also plans to continue providing all its available services with excellence. These include sales, inspections, service, and maintenance of:

Please visit the Koorsen Louisville branch page or call 502-833-7011 to discover what this Koorsen location can do for your home or business today.


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