Koorsen Fire & Security by the Numbers

Posted May 21, 2018 by Koorsen Fire & Security


In the 70+ years of being in the fire and security business, a lot has changed for Koorsen Fire & Security. From a small business that started out of a garage, Koorsen Fire & Security has grown into a multi-branch, multi-state leader in the life safety industry.

Below you will find just how far Koorsen Fire & Security has come since 1946, as we highlight some recent accomplishments and some not-so-recent facts and numbers. 


 Click Here to download PDF of Koorsen by the Numbers Infograph.



28 – Number of Koorsen branches

6 – States with Koorsen branches

1,233 – Koorsen employees

356 – Koorsen iconic yellow trucks on road

271,000 – Visitors to last year

2 – Number of Kasey dogs currently performing

55,300 – Phone calls from visitors last year

511 – Antique brass fire extinguishers at Koorsen Museum

4 – Generations in the family business

22 – Koorsen employees who are military veterans

651 – Koorsen technicians

77 – NICET certified staff

17 – NICET Level III & Level IV certified staff

64 – number of salespeople

11 – CAD Operators

15 – number of trainers


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