Posted May 06, 2020 by Kasey

kasey and pup

Change can be hard. Change can make us feel nervous or worried. Change can affect our sleep or how much we eat. 

I genuinely like my routine.

If my human changes what time I eat, it makes me nervous, and I think he might have forgotten I love to eat. I know when my human puts on his tennis shoes, it’s time for a walk, and when he puts on his uniform, it is time to go to work. These are part of our routine.

All of the changes in the past few months have been hard on all of us.

Soon there will be more changes. As we are beginning to go out more and as parks and playgrounds open up, some things will feel normal, but others may not. One change that I have been working on is getting used to seeing my human and other humans wearing masks. I am used to seeing smiling faces, and so my human was concerned that masks might make me feel scared.

One thing I am terrified of is the vacuum cleaner. Who would like a thing that makes a big noise and can suck up the massive fur balls I create? I am pretty sure that if that thing gets too close to me, it could suck me up also.

My human has found that masks do not scare me. I can still see the kindness in the masked person’s eyes, and that is all the reassurance I need that all is well.

I hope that you are not afraid of people wearing masks. A lot of friendly people wear masks every day like doctors, nurses, race car drivers, and firefighters! Yes, firefighters wear masks! They wear them to stay safe in a fire. Masks are used for safety, and not to be scary!

Be safe, be brave, and be happy!

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