Are Fire Sprinklers Required in Walk-In Freezers?

Posted May 11, 2023 by Koorsen Fire & Security


Fire sprinklers are a critical component of fire protection and safety, and in many cases, codes and regulations mandate their installation in specific types of buildings or areas. One such example is walk-in freezers. A walk-in freezer is a large enclosed room used for storing food and other perishable items at low temperatures. It is important that these rooms are equipped with fire suppression systems in order to minimize the risk of fire and to prevent the spread of fire should an incident occur.

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What Codes Require Sprinklers?

The code that requires fire sprinklers in walk-in freezers varies depending on the jurisdiction and the building code in effect at the time of construction. However, some commonly referenced codes that may include this requirement include the International Building Code (IBC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13, and local building codes and fire codes.

What Type Of Walk-In Freezers Require Fire Sprinklers?

According to these codes, fire sprinklers are required in walk-in freezers that are greater than 400 square feet and have a ceiling height greater than 7 feet. Additionally, the sprinkler systems must be specifically designed and installed for this type of room, taking into consideration factors such as the low temperature, ceiling height, and occupancy.

In conclusion, the code requirement for fire sprinklers in walk-in freezers is an important aspect of fire safety in commercial and industrial buildings. The installation of fire sprinklers can help minimize the risk of fire and provide effective protection for both the building and its occupants.

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