What is the 90-Minute Battery Load Test?

Posted May 14, 2018 by Koorsen Fire & Security

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If you own or manage a business or property with emergency / exit lights, you may have heard that they are supposed to receive a 90-minute battery load test, or full-load-test.

But you may not know what exactly the test is or why you should do it, so here is a summary of the test and its importance.

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The Test

In brief, the 90-minute battery load test is when you bring in an outside party to test your emergency and exit lights for a duration of 90 minutes. They will shut off the power to the lights to mimic power loss in an emergency situation and require the lights to switch to battery-power.

The technicians will then check and observe all the lights to ensure that they remain lit for the duration of the test.

This test should be performed annually.

Is it Necessary and Why?

The 90-minute battery load test for your emergency / exit lights is not something you may opt out of. It is required by code and most states require the full 1.5-hour test.

The reason is to ensure that the emergency and exit lights will function for a sufficient period of time to enable anyone needing to find their way out or in will be able to do so safely. The lights won’t do much good if their battery is not strong enough to keep them running more than five minutes.

Furthermore, safety code requires that properties with emergency / exit lights provide lighting that lasts for 1.5 hours in the case of power outage or emergency. So, a full-load-test only ensures that the system is in fact capable of adhering to the code.

What about the Monthly Tests?

The monthly quick checks of your exit and emergency lights are still required by code and beneficial. However, they differ in both execution and purpose. Monthly quick checks:

  • May be performed by any appointed person, including the owner or some other member of the staff
  • Need to only be 30 seconds in duration
  • Only require that the test button be pushed, rather than the power be shut off
  • Serve to quickly check the battery and lights are still functioning

These are good quick checks to verify that things appear to be in working order, but they do not confirm battery longevity or that the system is truly up to code.

Schedule Your 90-Minute Battery Load Test

If you are not sure when your emergency / exit lighting system last received a 90-minute test, or if you know it is in need of maintenance, talk to the experts at Koorsen.

With over 70 years of experience, and locations spread across the Midwest, their factory trained technicians will know the exact standards your facility must adhere to and help ensure your system stays up to code.

Call Koorsen today or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

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