Nurse Call Systems Keeps Hospitals Compliant

Posted November 11, 2014 by Koorsen Fire & Security

Hospital Nurse Call Systems

In the 1800s, a bell sufficed, but today nurse call systems offer much more information to the people who need it, enabling better care and higher patient satisfaction as they increase efficiency.

The idea is simple, of course: Those who are confined to a bed or otherwise restricted in their movement need a way to get attention quickly. Having a nurse call system empowers patients to reach out for the care they need. But the flip side is that nurses are busy at best and overtaxed in general. The more they know before entering a patient’s room means their time can be best utilized.

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The nurse call system we use is from WestCall, and it enables patients not just to get in touch with the nurses’ station but to communicate what they need with direct request buttons. These options enable the patient to communicate that he is in pain, for instance, or needs help getting to the bathroom, and they can be customized for specific requests. The system benefits patients, clinical staff, and hospital management.

Patients benefit from:

  • Push/pull bath stations
  • Breakaway cords
  • Care board
  • Locator station
  • iStatus
  • Hybrid patient station
  • Local positioning system

The following HIPAA-compliant communications features facilitate clinical staff duties:

  • iDome & iStatus color-coded LEDs
  • Care board
  • FocusCare historian
  • Dome light with audio
  • Emergency station
  • iDome Touch

Scheduling and management personnel benefit from:

  • FocusCare software
  • FocusCare web suite
  • FocusCare whiteboard
  • Master station
  • Mini-master station

Calls go straight to cordless receivers that each nurse carries, which enables them to call right back if necessary to clarify what’s happening and what they might need to prepare before heading in to the patient’s room. Furthermore, having that information ahead of time can help hospitals best utilize their staff members. If a call comes through that an aide can handle, hard-to-retain nurses benefit from utilizing their skills more fully and with greater time to focus.

Other points that make our system unique:

  • It never becomes obsolete. Competitors require complete replacement when technology progresses, but we need only a software upgrade to enable new features—the installed lines and hardware stay right where they are.
  • Our in-room patient care board replaces the standard grease board and makes recording information faster. The computer display utilizes a browser-based application to give nurses and patients the details they need to ensure the highest level of care.
  • Our i-Dome devices mount outside a patient’s room and provide critical information like “do not resuscitate” orders without disclosing personal information by using color-coded messages. Your facility stays HIPAA-compliant while keeping the medical staff in the know. They also enable nurses to check in when pain meds are administered and thus receive notice when it’s time to reassess pain level to keep the facility Joint Commission compliant.
  • A locating system provides instant information about medical staff members’ movements. A wearable tag provides information so detailed that you can know exactly when a clinician went to the sink to sanitize his or her hands before undertaking a task.
  • Facilities can customize their systems around applications that their clinical staffs create, enabling them to work with their own unique solutions for workflow and patient interactions.
  • We don’t require software maintenance agreements like our competitors do. The fee for your system is based on the size of the installation, and then you own the software.
  • The training for your new system is free, and we partner with our clients to help ensure they have the ability to troubleshoot and solve issues on their own—but we’re always just a call away when you need assistance.
  • Our reach means better service. Because we’re in a lot of locations—in cities small and large—you get quick access to the technicians you need. And you know that you’re getting a well-trained, experienced expert.

We’ve partnered with hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other medical providers successfully over many years, solving complex problems to design appropriate systems—and serving them reliably. We understand that keeping compliant and ensuring patient satisfaction are complicated concerns that are top of mind in any medical facility. And we have the expertise, reach, and quality products to best help you deliver.

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