How to Manage Your Small Business Security System Remotely

Posted August 29, 2022 by Koorsen Fire & Security


Small Business Security

Using a security system for your business requires being present to monitor it, but you can’t always be on site. Fortunately, recent advances in security technology have made use of smart technology to provide a solution to this issue. Business owners can now use their smartphones to monitor and control their business security systems 24 hours a day.

Download the App

The remote management of your security system is as simple as downloading an app that the system’s manufacturer designed. Their programmers have already done the technical work for you. All you have to do is install the app and create an account.

Once you enter the required information about yourself and your security equipment, the app will connect you to your equipment. Through remote monitoring, you’ll be able to view the video feed from your security cameras. You’ll also be able to monitor the status of motion sensors and smart locks if you have them installed.

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Invest in Good Quality Cameras

In the past, surveillance cameras produced dark and grainy images. Technology has advanced considerably in recent years, making it easier to see criminal perpetrators and other threats to your business. A clearer image is especially important when you need to see the facial features of someone in the dark.

IP security cameras are extremely effective in this type of situation, which is why most security systems use them. These cameras come equipped with mini-computers that capture sharper images in low lighting. They send the images over an internet connection to a smartphone or desktop computer.

There are several advantages to IP cameras. In addition to offering a higher frame rate for better quality videos, they also allow the user to zoom, reverse, fast forward, and manipulate the video in other similar ways.

Store Your Security Videos Safely

Most of the time, the video images you capture won’t be worth saving. However, when there is a disturbance on your company's property, you may want to save that footage for future reference. While security video footage files are relatively small, you might not want to take up room on your hard drive.

Most security systems come with a free or low-cost cloud storage account. You can use this digital storage option to keep your surveillance footage safe and accessible. Once stored in the cloud account, you can access the footage from any computer or mobile device. You’ll only need your username and password to get into the account.

Set Up Real-Time Alerts

You can choose how your system responds to a threat to help you manage your company's security more effectively. You can instruct the system to notify you with an alert at the same time the police get notified. Alternatively, you can choose to receive an alarm verification, leaving the option of calling for help up to you.

Your security service provider can answer any additional questions about remotely accessing your security system. They can help you install and update the software and train you to use it effectively. Most systems are easy to learn and simple to use, so you don’t have to be tech savvy to protect your business.

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