How to Know When it’s Time to Update or Replace your Fire Alarm System

Posted January 07, 2022 by Koorsen Fire & Security


Regularly testing your fire alarm system might feel like a waste of money, but keeping it up to date is essential in case of an emergency. An update or entirely new system can help protect your workforce in case of a potentially dangerous emergency. Here are a few main signs that your fire alarm system needs to be updated or replaced.

Age of System

A fire alarm system that is about 10-15 years old starts setting off more false alarms, is less reliable during emergencies, and requires more frequent repairs. After this 10-15 year period, you should consider updating your facility with a new fire alarm system.

Your Fire Alarm System Has Sensitivity Issues

You should update or replace your non-compliant system if it doesn’t meet the necessary sensitivity test requirements. Fire alarm systems that are too sensitive or not sensitive enough either don’t go off when they should or go off way too frequently, causing disturbances to your workforce and eroding trust in your fire system. After too many false alarms, your staff may not trust the validity of your alarms.

Fire Alarm System Isn’t Up to Date or Not Up to Code

If your fire system lacks newer features like fire monitoring, fire department dispatch, and early detection/notification, you should stop spending money on costly repairs. At this point, your facility is in need of a new, updated system that will protect your workforce. You also may be legally obligated to update your system if it doesn’t meet local fire code regulations.

You’re Planning to Renovate or Expand Your Facility

If you plan to renovate or expand your facility, you should consider updating or replacing your system if it is outdated or insufficient to cover your growing space. You may also need to update your fire alarm system if you plan on using your space differently, even if it isn’t expanded. As an example, you may begin using different equipment that demands a more updated system, or you may have more people in your facility than before.

Ready for a New or Updated Fire Alarm System?

As a professional fire protection company, we can evaluate your current system, ensuring that it is up to date, effective, safe, and compliant with local fire codes. Even if your fire alarm system works properly, you still need a professional to regularly inspect your facility to ensure the safety of your workforce.

At Koorsen Fire & Security, we have been helping people protect their homes and businesses since 1946. Contact us today to learn more about updating your fire alarm system.

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