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Posted March 03, 2022 by Koorsen Fire & Security

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With a professionally installed KnoxBox, your business is assured that in the event of an emergency, first responders have rapid access to your buildings and facilities and can prevent property damage and other losses. With a KnoxBox installed, rapid emergency response is possible and can make the difference between life and death.

Continue reading to learn more about KnoxBox and other Knox Rapid Access Solutions, and how Koorsen Fire & Security can help you discover which Knox solutions are best for your business.

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What is a KnoxBox?

KnoxBox is the secure emergency access system trusted by thousands of businesses and first responders across the country.

KnoxBox is a rugged, secure container that is installed on buildings next to doors, gates, and other building entrances. Inside the KnoxBox are the keys needed by first responders, such as firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical services (EMS), to enter the building. The KnoxBox can only be opened using a Knox master key, which is possessed only by first responders and is protected by many safeguards to prevent theft and misuse.

KnoxBox and other Knox Rapid Access Solutions can be customized to fit the needs of each individual business.

Why Install a KnoxBox?

When emergency personnel cannot easily gain access to a building, they have no choice but to destroy doors, windows, and other obstructions in order to enter the building. But with a KnoxBox installed on the building, firefighters and other first responders can minimize forced entry damage by having quick and easy entry into the building. All the first responders need to do is use their Knox master keys to open the KnoxBox and grab the building keys inside.

Who Uses Knox Rapid Access Solutions?

KnoxBox and other Knox Rapid Access Solutions, such as the Knox Elevator Box and the Knox FDC Lock, are used by businesses across many industries, such as:

What Other Knox Rapid Access Solutions Are Available?

Knox offers businesses a wide variety of solutions to make sure emergency personnel are able to navigate quickly and safely. Rapid Access Solutions offered by Knox include:

Knox Document Cabinet

The Knox Document Cabinet is used to store items vital for firefighters and other first responders to be able to get around the interior of a building without delay. Examples of items commonly stored by businesses in a Knox Document Cabinet are:

  • Keys needed to gain electrical room access and panel room access
  • Blueprints, floor plans, and evacuation procedures
  • Hazardous materials disclosures

Knox Elevator Box

Emergency personnel must be able to gain rapid access to both passenger and freight elevators. The Knox Elevator Box ensures this is possible.

Businesses use the Knox Elevator Box to securely store the drop keys needed to manually open elevator doors should an emergency arise.

The Knox Elevator Box is constructed of heavy-duty steel to ensure durability. And, like other Knox Rapid Access Solutions, the Knox Elevator Box can be equipped with an alarm that triggers if tampering is detected.

Knox Gate & Key Switch

Knox Gate & Key Switch solutions are useful when electronic systems, such as proximity or magstripe cards, are ordinarily used to gain access but a manual fallback is needed. This is common in places such as:

  • Parking garages
  • Community or shared facilities
  • Industrial yards
  • Warehouses and storage complexes

Should the electronic credentials needed to gain access be unavailable, or if the electronic system is malfunctioning, the Knox Gate & Switch overrides the electrical switches.

The same Knox master key used by emergency personnel to open KnoxBox and other Knox Rapid Access Solutions is used to control the Knox Gate & Key Switch.

Knox FDC Locks

Knox also produces FDC (Fire Department Connection) locks to prevent critical fire sprinkler systems and hydrants from being vandalized, damaged, or contaminated with debris.

Speak With the Knox Experts at Koorsen Fire & Security

As a Knox Trusted Partner, Koorsen Fire & Security continues to demonstrate expert-level knowledge and high-quality installation of KnoxBox and other Knox Rapid Access Solutions.

The professionals at Koorsen are dedicated to making sure businesses have the needed Knox solutions so that should an emergency ever arise, firefighters, law enforcement, and other first responders are able to do their jobs successfully and prevent loss of life and property.

To learn more about how KnoxBox and other Knox Rapid Access Solutions can benefit your business in the event of a fire or other emergency, contact Koorsen Fire & Security today.

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