Fire Prevention and Safety in the Workplace

Posted July 05, 2022 by Koorsen Fire & Security

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No one expects a fire to affect their workplace, but when it does, it can present a serious threat to life and property. That’s why a comprehensive plan to prevent fires and evacuate the building is so important.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most important parts of keeping your workplace safe from fires. While no one expects to have to deal with a fire, planning and preparation can make all the difference when a fire breaks out. 

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Keep Fire Detection Systems Well-Maintained 

Thanks to modern technology, fire detection systems are more advanced than ever. Today’s fire detectors can monitor changes in temperature and air particles, making them increasingly sensitive and perfectly adapted for early fire detection. 

However, testing and maintaining your fire detection system is essential to your building’s maintenance plan.  

Work with your local fire department to ensure you’re complying with state and local regulations, and conduct periodic tests to ensure your system is functioning properly. 

Avoid Unnecessary Clutter 

Having extra clutter in your building is a fire threat for several reasons. First, excess piles and stacks around the building can become accelerants in the case of a fire.  

Secondly, that clutter could block emergency exit routes, which could slow an evacuation—especially if the lights have gone out. 

Finally, excess clutter can keep fire doors from closing properly. These doors are rated to withstand heat and prevent smoke from moving freely throughout the building. If fire doors can’t close, the entire building will be at increased risk. 

Have Fire Suppression Ready at All Times 

You should have an ample supply of fire extinguishers available at all times, ideally in a place where they are highly visible and readily accessible.  

Part of your emergency planning should involve ensuring that every employee knows the location of the nearest fire extinguisher and how and when to use it properly. 

Your building should also have an overhead fire suppression system, which should be inspected at the same time you test your fire detectors. That way, you can make sure they will perform appropriately when they’re needed the most! 

Practice Your Emergency Evacuation Plan 

While having an evacuation plan is important, it won’t help you if you don’t practice it. You should periodically run through your building’s emergency evacuation plan to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities and the right routes to get out of the building.  

Make sure you’ve identified areas of refuge for those unable to exit via the planned route, especially if your business serves vulnerable populations, like those with mobility issues. 

Remember, practice makes perfect, and minutes matter. Perfecting your exit plan can carve minutes off of an evacuation — which can, in turn, save the lives of people in your building. 

Koorsen Means Fire Protection 

If you’re putting together a fire protection plan for your building, contact the experts at Koorsen Fire & Security. For more than 75 years, our team has been helping businesses protect their personnel and investments. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can improve your fire protection plan. 

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