Q&A with Delaware County RSD Operations Superintendent

Posted March 20, 2017 by Koorsen Fire & Security

delco water director

Mark Chandler is not your typical office space manager. As the Operations Superintendent for Delaware County Regional Sewer District, Mark manages all of the sewer district facilities which includes 9 treatment plants, 24 pumps stations, and houses 45 employees. With the collection and treatment of wastewater from over 100,000 residents and being located upstream from the city of Columbus, there is no room for error.


Q: How demanding is managing a wastewater treatment plant?

A: It is a challenge to treat 10 million gallons of raw sewage on a daily basis. This task has a huge environmental impact if things go wrong. As wastewater professionals, we don’t punch the clock in the morning and then at night. We never stop working and we always have people on call in case of emergency.

We have maintenance technicians, collection systems technicians that deals with emergency situations including power outages during severe weather, equipment failure, line locating if there are accidents, construction work, or waterline breaks around the sewer pipes. The flow never stops and neither do we.

The fact that all of our facilities discharge into major waterways which supply the city of Columbus’ drinking water is just one of many reasons why we are all focused and dedicated to our jobs, and try to maintain the highest standards at all our plants.


Q: How has Koorsen helped you in your job duties?

A: Koorsen has helped take fire and security responsibilities off my plate. Prior to working with Koorsen, we were using numerous vendors for maintenance, service, and inspections of the many fire and security components. With Koorsen, it’s one call.

Koorsen provides everything from annual fire alarm inspections, to fire extinguisher training for my staff, to improving security for our facilities, and much more. With all the reporting and documentation required for fire and security, it is extremely convenient to work with just one vendor, Koorsen.


Q: How did you first start working with Koorsen?

A: My first introduction to Koorsen was when they acquired the previous company that did our annual fire extinguisher inspections. They were friendly and helpful from the very beginning. Unlike other vendors, Koorsen took the time to come in and talk to me about how they could help us with our fire safety and security.

One of the first things they did for us besides fire extinguisher inspections, was fire extinguisher training for our staff. First we developed an emergency action plan. Part of the plan was fire protection, which called for annual fire extinguisher inspections, as well as training.

In the past, employees were not trained to use the extinguishers but to exit the buildings. With the fire extinguisher training from Koorsen, our staff are now capable and prepared to use a fire extinguisher in the case of small fires.


Q: What advice would you give to others in your position?

A: If you find a vendor you like, it’s important to build a strong and friendly relationship with them. That’s what I have with Koorsen. I can call them anytime, whether I have an issue or just a quick question.

Also, before you sign a contract with a vendor, be sure everything is in there that you want. Once the contract is signed, it’s not fair to the vendor to come back and request stuff that’s not on there.

Seek out the vendors that you are comfortable with, that you have easy access to, and that meet all your needs. It is vendors like that, like Koorsen, which will make your job so much easier in the long run.


Q: In conclusion, how would you describe Koorsen?

A: Koorsen is professional, knowledgeable, and definitely helpful. If I’m going to contract out to somebody, I don’t want to have to do all the leg work, and Koorsen delivers. I have other vendors to handle in other areas of our business and it seems like my managers and myself put more work into it than they do. It’s not the case with Koorsen. I’m very satisfied with Koorsen.


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