Top 5 Things About Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Posted April 13, 2018 by Koorsen Fire & Security

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Your Clean Agent Suppression System

If you have a server or IT room, chances are you (hopefully) have a clean agent fire suppression system protecting it. There is no better system to protect your valuable but sensitive equipment.

But, do you and your team understand how it works?

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about your clean agent suppression system:

1. It Stops Fires Early

Clean agent fire suppression systems stop fires fast.

Their fire detection sensors are far more sensitive than those of a water sprinkler system. This means they deploy in response to lesser amounts of smoke and heat and thus stop fires in the incipient stage, before they really get started.

2. But It’s Not Meant for Larger, Combustible Fires

However, while clean agent systems act fast, they are not as effective for fires that have grown too hot or are fueled by combustible materials.

A clean agent system uses a gas to suffocate a fire. However, if the fire includes combustible materials, like paper, boxes, etc., it can grow too hot and strong for the gas to be effective.

This means clean agent systems are ideal for electrical fires but not fires composed of combustibles.

So, keep your server rooms clear of clutter!

3. It’s Designed for Your Specific Space

When you have a clean agent fire suppression system installed, it is designed for the specific square footage of your space to ensure the right amount of gas.

This means the system can be rendered ineffective if a door to the space is left open, or if ceiling tiles are missing or damaged. The gas will escape through those passages, diluting the gas and making it too thin to sufficiently to suppress the fire.

4. Clean Agents Are, Well…Clean

One of the top benefits of these systems is that they are in fact clean. They do not leave a residue, which means they won’t damage sensitive equipment and cleanup will be easy.

5. They are Safe for People and the Environment

Not only are clean agent systems safe for your sensitive equipment, they are safe for people and the environment too, with absolutely no threat of ozone depletion.

Got a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System?

Do you have or are you thinking about a clean agent fire suppression system for your server room? Give the experts at Koorsen a call today! They will send out one of their expert team members to review your space and help you choose the very best protection for your space.

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