Benefits of Threat Detection Systems

Posted December 10, 2021 by Koorsen Fire & Security

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Threat detection systems are a valuable tool for various businesses, organizations, and public spaces, such as schools, office buildings, arenas, or concert venues. They are vital for crime prevention, including large-scale attacks like mass shootings. While these systems aren’t a cure-all to the problem, they will help your business monitor public spaces and notify law enforcement when a threat is detected.

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How Threat Detection Systems Work


Threat detection systems use cameras to quickly identify fires or flooding, potentially saving lives and preventing costly damage to your organization’s facilities and equipment.

Once your system detects a threat, the video and audio feed are immediately accessible by security and law enforcement using remote/central monitoring. Using cameras and artificial intelligence, the threat detection system can analyze data coming in from stationary CCTV cameras, UAV cameras attached to drones, and body cameras worn by law enforcement or security.

The system can use artificial intelligence to recognize specific faces or dangerous objects while directing security and law enforcement authorities to threatening behavior or sounds. Additionally, a two-way audio feed allows police to communicate and negotiate with suspects if necessary.

Using Advanced Technology to Secure Your Organization’s Space


Using threat detection systems, cameras, and Situational Awareness Security Control (SASC) systems will lead to maximum-security offerings. Threatening behavior such as someone wielding a gun or knife will trigger a threat detection system to send an alert to law enforcement.

Threat detection systems also use advanced technology like facial recognition software to send alerts if a dangerous person enters a public space. Additionally, the technology can recognize gunshots, explosions, or abnormal screams to identify potentially hazardous situations.

SASC systems can also come with technology that recognizes high body temperature, which alerts security personnel if a sick visitor enters a business or tightly packed public space. This feature allows companies to identify individuals who may carry potentially contagious viruses into public spaces while creating a safe environment for all employees and visitors.

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