The Scheduled 2G Update and Your Alarm System

Posted June 15, 2015 by Koorsen Fire & Security



You may or may not be aware that the cell towers in your local community are slated for an upgrade soon. Across the country, the current second generation (2G) cellular technology is being updated to third or fourth generation (3G/4G) equipment. This work is already well under way, with AT&T announcing their plan to be finished by January 1st, 2017.

Although that seems like a long way off, what many people don’t realize is that these upgrades are already happening in force throughout the country. In addition, to top it off, no one knows when these upgrades will occur – meaning the tower in your community could be upgraded tomorrow or late next year. The only thing we know for sure is that 2G service is disappearing at a rapid rate, and will likely be extinct within the next two years.

What Does It All Mean?

For the most part, this upgrade is good news, as it will mean improved cellphone reception, faster mobile internet speeds and more efficiently delivered text messages. Yet, the planned update will render the 2G cellular communicator in your alarm system obsolete. In lay terms, any security or fire alarm system that is currently using 2G technology will lose connection to the monitoring center as soon as the tower is upgraded in your community.

A Simple Solution

Without monitoring your system will be vulnerable, but fortunately, there is a simple solution. Koorsen can provide a free on-site consultation to formulate an action plan to upgrade your system. Each system is slightly different, but most can be made 3G/4G compatible by upgrading the little cell communicator within the panel. So rest assured – this mandatory upgrade shouldn’t be too painful or expensive. By simply replacing the small communicator, your system will remain in constant communication with the monitoring center for round-the-clock protection.

Minimal Changes

As mentioned above, more often than not, your system can be made 3G/4G compatible with the replacement of one little piece of equipment. The overall layout of your sensors and cameras will not change, nor will your alarm code. This makes the changeover rather painless, and the new cellular communicators can be installed quickly. That means that overall, you can expect minimal disruption.

A Regular Requirement

Upgrading your electronic devices is a regular requirement in today's modern world. For example, you likely purchase a new phone every few years. Computers, tablets, gaming systems, tvs and other electronics are also being continuously improved. This makes buying the latest models a necessity, for those who want to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

When viewed with this attitude, upgrading your alarm system is simply an investment, which will allow you to stay up with the changing times. More importantly, this minor investment will maintain the integrity of your system and ensure that you’re protected 24/7/365.


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