New Security Technology from Koorsen Brings Indian Hill Up to Date

Posted July 22, 2013 by Koorsen Fire & Security

New security technology from Koorsen brings Indiana Hill up to date.

Note: Click here if you're not an Indian Hill resident and want to upgrade your home security system.

The Village of Indian Hill, a city of nearly 6,000 residents near Cincinnati, Ohio, has signed a contract with Dangel Electronics and Koorsen Home Security (a division of Koorsen Fire & Security) to upgrade and monitor alarm equipment. Homes in the neighborhood currently are linked to the Indian Hill Rangers at the police department via radio equipment that’s more than four decades old.

A June 17 agreement between the Indian Hill Village Council and Koorsen ensures that residents will be upgraded to current technology for radio equipment and alarm panels, if necessary. Koorsen also will improve and maintain equipment at the police headquarters.

Koorsen already had been under contract to maintain existing radio equipment linking more than 1,400 households to the police station and in 2012 proposed the upgrades. A lengthy review and research process led the Village Council to determine that Koorsen was the right answer.

“After all the options were considered—including various technologies and administrative options—Koorsen provided the most practical solution to allow the Rangers to continue monitoring alarms,” said Mark Aaron, technology manager for Indian Hill, in an article on

KoorsenNET is the solution developed for Indian Hill residents and is comprised of a mesh-like network of radio transmitters, which are faster, more reliable and more efficient than the typical cellular-based home security system. The home security systems will facilitate dispatch of emergency personnel, as they always have, but Koorsen will take over some of the non-emergency notifications. The contract will remain in effect for five years.



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