For over six years, Koorsen has been proud to provide fire protection services to this industrial packaging company.


Sonoco, a global, integrated packaging solutions company, had its origins over 120 years ago in a small warehouse in South Carolina. The company now employs over 20,000 and operates more than 300 plants throughout 33 different countries. They provide a wide array of packaging solutions, including innovative and custom options for every brand’s unique needs. From consumer packaging and services to protective packaging solutions and industrial products and services, Sonoco aims to meet the needs of diverse customers and their consumers. Their Henderson, KY location is responsible for ends and closures specifically and employees over 120 individuals.

Location: Henderson, KY
Employees: 120
Industry: Industrial

Koorsen Solutions

Fire Extinguisher Inspections
• Fire Extinguisher Training
Emergency/Exit Light Inspections
• Fire Sprinkler Inspections
CO2 Suppression System Inspections